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How to make espresso coffee with a home espresso machine :

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Well, you probably know that espresso coffee is actually ground coffee bean extract. To prepare this extract, the coffee beans must be powdered and the powder must be partially compressed and hot water must pass through this pressed powder with high pressure to prepare the espresso or the coffee extract for drinking. This is the whole story.

Tips for choosing a good and suitable coffee for espresso coffee :

The espresso coffee unit is a shot. Each shot of espresso is equivalent to 25 to 30 cc of coffee extract. Double espresso has two shots of espresso. It should be noted that each cc is equivalent to about 30 drops.

Each shot of espresso requires between 7 and 10 grams of espresso coffee powder. Espresso coffee powder should be finely ground. Experience has shown that home espresso machines deliver more delicious espresso coffee with coffee compounds that have a higher percentage of Arabica.

Grounded coffee beans should not be too powdered or coarse. Coffee powder should be soft and as rough as salt. If the ground coffee is too coarse, hot water will pass through it quickly and as a result the taste and quality of the coffee will be very low. Also, if the powdered coffee is very fine, when making espresso coffee , the coffee obtained will be very bitter due to the late exit of hot water from the coffee.

When buying coffee, pay attention to the time of roasting the coffee, because it is true that the freshness of coffee is very important, but coffees that are a day or two after roasting, still release carbon dioxide and are harmful to health. .

They also experience less cream on your espresso when brewing, so it's best to be roasted 5 to 10 days in advance.

You can use different types of espresso coffee, depending on your taste. Of course, be sure to use espresso coffee (medium dark) is just a standard and you can choose the degree of roast according to your taste.

I suggest you use Titan Dunyasi Zeus Blend , Titan Zeus blend is a special blend roasted carefully to bring unbelievable taste, aroma and body in your cup of coffee.

TYPE : Arabica

BLEND : 60% Brezilya - 40% Kolombiya


PACKAGING : 100 & 250 gr

SUITABLE : for filter and espresso coffee

OUR RECOMMENDATION : Recommended for espresso

Tips for making espresso coffee with a home espresso machine :

Before making espresso, Turn on the espresso machine to flush the steam and hot water.

This will make sure that the main taste of the coffee is not mixed with anything.

If your device has a water tank, devices usually have a line to determine the amount of water needed. Make sure the water temperature is at room temperature and do not pour hot or boiling water into it.

Try to purify water with less impurities.

It is recommended not to use tap water for the machine because its salts will cause the machine to scale over time and the quality of your espresso coffee will decrease day by day.

We recommend that if the water you use is not of good quality, it is better to boil it and pour it into the device after cooling, or use a water purifier.

make espresso coffee with a home espresso machine :

1. Pour the water into the water tank.

2. Pour the coffee bean or ground coffee into the coffee tank.

(It should be noted that some espresso maker models have a coffee grinder, but if your espresso machine is not equipped with a coffee grinder, you need to use a coffee grinder first and grind the coffee bean, or buy grinded coffee from the store.

( I use a machine that is equipped with a coffee grinder, so I use coffee beans. )

3. Press the start button to flush the hot water with pressure, the coffee passage and the filter.

4. Choose your favorite type of coffee. (Single or double)

5. The machine starts, the coffee coming out of the machine should flow smoothly into the cup and should not drip out of the machine. Wait a few seconds for your coffee to extract and pour into the cup.

6. Your espresso coffee is ready whenever the machine stops working.

From the moment the first drop of espresso is poured into the cup, we only need to allow the extraction to continue for a few seconds. It is better to warm the cup before extraction (for example, rinsing it with hot water) so that the coffee does not cool down. Some home coffee makers also have a hot cup holder.

Serving espresso coffee :

People usually use espresso coffee without any additives, but serving espresso coffee with dark chocolate is also a great experience. When serving espresso coffee, be sure to place a cup of water on a tray next to the espresso coffee so that water is served before serving coffee.

How to store espresso coffee :

If the amount of espresso powder that you bought is high, store it in a package in a cool, dryplace. Do not store espresso powder in the refrigerator as moisture will damage it.

We read also the following :

What is an espresso machine?

The espresso machine makes espresso from pressed ground coffee with the help of hot water flow and high pressure.

Can latte and cappuccino be made with an espresso machine?

If your device has a steam nozzle, you can also make latte and cappuccino with it.

What is the best brand of espresso machine?

There is no best brand, depending on your budget and usage, you can buy the right device from physical or online stores.

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