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My different and enjoyable experience of drinking cold hibiscus tea

Güncelleme tarihi: 2 Eyl 2021

I have drunk hibiscus tea several times before, but drinking cold hibiscus tea was something new and enjoyable for me.

At the suggestion of a friend of mine at Titan Cafe, it happened:

One day my friends and I went to a cafe in Istanbul, I had drunk hot hibiscus tea before and I was looking for an attractive, colorful, new and cool drink that day.

All my friends were ready to order and I was still choosing to find something exciting for myself to spend my time with my friends.

While ordering, a friend offered me cold hibiscus tea with a delicious oatmeal diet cookie, and I quickly accepted.

When served by a kind and pleasant waiter, I felt satisfied with my choice and found my best.

Pieces of ice floating in red hibiscus tea stood out in a glass, and its attractive red color fascinated everyone. It had a mild aroma and its unique taste made my day and made me fresh and full of energy.

I recommend this cool, delicious and enjoyable drink in Titan Cafe - Istanbul to all of you dear readers.

Get there as soon as possible, order and enjoy it, or order take-away and have fun as the location is really close to Cadde Bostan beach.

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