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How to make filter coffee with automatic filter coffee maker machines :

Coffee is one of the most popular drink in the world.

You must have seen that by using a coffee maker, in the morning, with the push of a button, they taste their favorite coffee and start their day in a happy mood. Drinking coffee is part of the daily routine of millions.

Coffees differ in terms of breed and method of preparation. But in general, coffee that is made using a filter coffee machine and a metal or paper filter is called filter coffee.

Filtered coffees are usually light, so it is more suitable for people with stomach problems.

First of all, you need filter grinded coffee beans, there are dozens of choices everywhere, but I suggest Titan dünyası Poseidon blend cause it is specially blended and roasted for a balanced taste aroma and body on your filtered coffee cup. It contains 100% arabica coffee beans from Ethiopia, Colombia and Brasil.

You can find both, beans or grinded beans package to order online.

Ingredients for making filter coffee with a filter coffee machine :

Purified water

Filter coffee maker machine


Filter coffee beans or grinded filter coffee

* It should be noted that some coffee makers have a coffee grinder, but if your coffee machine is not equipped with a coffee grinder, you need to use a coffee grinder first and grind the filter coffee beans, or buy grinded filter coffee from the store.

( I use a machine that is equipped with a filter coffee grinder, so I use a filter coffee bean. )

* It is very important to use purified and fresh water to prepare fragrant coffee. Fill the water tank of the device with fresh and purified water.

Steps of making filter coffee with automatic filter coffee maker :

Well, this is very simple and fast.

Step 1: Pour the water into the tank.

Step 2: Pour the filter coffee beans or grinded filter coffee into the tank.

Step 3: Turn on the filter coffee maker and choose your favorite type of coffee and wait a moment for your coffee to be ready and pour into the cup.

Your filter coffee is ready whenever the machine stops.

Of course, it should be noted that the duration of coffee preparation varies depending on the model of the device you have purchased.

Step 4: You can enjoy your drink.

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