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How to make Turkish coffee at home :

Güncelleme tarihi: 31 Ağu 2021

One of the most delicious and popular hot drinks in the world is Turkish coffee.

In Turkey, when you go to someone's house, the first question is not whether you like Turkish coffee? , Rather, they ask how you drink your coffee.

They mean how much sugar you want to serve. To answer this question, you might say "sade" which means no sugar. "az seker" which means very little sugar. "Orta" which means 1-2 teaspoons of sugar. Or "sekerli" which means 3-4 teaspoons of sugar.

Items needed:

To make coffee, we need coffee powder , cold water , coffee brewer , a teaspoon and a heat source. You can also add sugar if you wish.


Boiling coffee, which is called Ibrik or Jazwa in Turkish, has a wider bottom and a narrower mouth; It is usually made of copper, but you can also use brewed coffee with other materials.

Copper pot brewing is more suitable for home coffee brewing and it's recommended because copper will transfers the heat evenly to the entire surface of the coffee brewer and as it's result, coffee will brew better, so you have better and higher quality coffee.

The special shape of the coffee brewer , which becomes narrower in the mouth, forms a better foam for your coffee.

Ingredients for brewing Turkish coffee:

1 cup of cold water

2 teaspoons of ground coffee

Sugar according to your taste

Brewing Turkish coffee :

1. First , pour the Turkish coffee , cold water and if desired , sugar into the coffee brewer.

2. Use a small spoon to stir and mix the ingredients thoroughly until smooth.

3.Put the coffee brewer on a low heat, this will give the coffee enough time to brew and prepare. When the coffee starts to heat up, small bubbles form on it.

4. and after it has accumulated white foam , turn off the flame and remove the brewing coffee from the gas.

Coffee takes 5 minutes to prepare, this time be careful of coffee and do not leave it alone.

Do not increase the heat and do not allow the coffee to boil and remove it from the heat before boiling, because boiling the coffee will make it bitter.

5. Pour the coffee gently into the cup so that the foam does not disappear, serve it after the coffee ingredients have settled.

Now you have a cup of freshly brewed and concentrated Turkish coffee.

Be sure to pour the coffee slowly into the cup so that the coffee foam remains on the surface of the coffee.

Serve it with a glass of cold water and some sweets next to it, such as baklava or Turkish turmeric.

When serving Turkish coffee, keep in mind that there should be a small cup of water next to the cup of coffee to be used before drinking the coffee.

Also, the serving plate should be clean.

And you should always start serving coffee from the oldest person.

To drink coffee, wait a few minutes for the coffee powder to settle, then drink it.

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