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What is a cold brew?

Güncelleme tarihi: 22 Eyl 2021

If you drink a lot of coffee, you must be interested in cold brew.

What is a cold brew?

This is not coffee that has cooled. Cold brew is the process of making coffee by brewing with cold water. Coffee that is brewed with cold water for several hours. Cold water removes the taste and extract of coffee much later and more slowly than hot water; The result is much sweeter and less acidic than brewing coffee with hot water.

Is cold brew the same as ice coffee?

Cold brew coffee is usually served cold with ice. Note that cold brew is completely different from Ice coffee. Ice coffee is coffee brewed with hot water that be served with ice.

Many coffee lovers prefer to drink cold brew in summer , it is interesting to know that cold brew has relatively more caffeine than coffees made with hot water. It is a strong drink even compared to espresso.

Although the taste of these two drinks are somewhat similar, but two different processes are used to prepare them, which also creates certain differences in taste and aroma that you will

notice by drinking a sip of them.

But keep in mind that chemical reactions and flavors will be different from what you are used to with hot brewing.

This drink introduces a new aspect of coffee that is increasingly attracting more followers.

Even if you are not a person who goes to the coffee shop regularly, you can buy it in a glass and take it home and enjoy it in your spare time. Cold brew coffee can be stored in the refrigerator for two weeks.

You can also easily make a cold brew at home whenever you

There are several different home brewing methods that all follow a fixed formula: cold water,

coffee, and a long brew overnight. Changes in each of these factors change the concentration and color of the drink.

Cold brew is a type of coffee that is prepared with a different tool from the French press, coffee maker, mocapat and espresso maker, and unlike other types of coffee drinks, it is prepared with cold water.

Coffee extracted using cold brew is usually fragrant, sweet and clear.

What do you need to brew cold brew at home?

This is not the case if you think you must have special tools for cold brewing ; While the results of hot drinks are often determined by devices or techniques, these drinks often depend on the ingredients you use. Coarsely ground coffee, filtered water, a French press or even (jam jars or most easy-to-close glass jars) are all you need.

*I suggest Titan dünyası Poseidon blend cause it is specially blended and roasted for a balanced taste aroma and body on your filtered coffee cup. It contains 100% arabica coffee beans from Ethiopia, Colombia and Brasil.

You can find both, beans or grinded beans package to order online.

The next question is how much coffee did I pour compared to the water we used?

Caffeine dissolves in water, and in the long process of cold brewing coffee, all the caffeine is inevitably released. Because the cold brewing method usually consumes more coffee than conventional coffee-making methods, we have more caffeine in this drink. Maybe that's why many people combine it with ice and ice cream to make something like frappe.

How much caffeine is in cold brew coffee?

This is a big difference in time. Tasting coffee after 12 hours and then 24 hours will give you two completely different drinks.

As time goes on, more flavor comes out and it also gets stronger.

12 hours is usually the minimum time to guarantee the taste. Alternatively you can specify

when the process ends.

Can we drink cold brew hot ?

Cold brew coffee can be served with ice or hot, depending on your choice. In both hot and cold serving, you must first prepare the cold brew coffee and then you can pour the coffee on ice or heat it in the microwave.

If you want to heat a cold brew coffee, if you have made it too thick, you can add a little water or milk to dilute it before heating, and it is enough to heat it on a gas or microwave.

Just remember to reheat the liquid after separating it from the ground coffee. When you heat ground coffee, you heat the acidic compounds that you wanted to avoid.

Properties of cold brew coffee :

1- Less acidity:

Due to the fact that this type of coffee is prepared at room temperature and for a long time, as a result, it has less acidity. If regular drip coffee or espresso upsets your stomach, cold brew might not. The only way to know is to try it.

2- More caffeine:

The process of preparing this type of coffee and its brewing type, makes this coffee more caffeine than regular coffees.

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